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…… My cabin is dark when I wake. I pull up the blind – and it’s still dark outside too. On deck a little later with the sun coming up, there is a huge pink sky and a small flotilla of gulls hanging alongside us. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. I am so, so delighted to be…

On Board!

Le Havre December 6th, definitely on the dazed and sleepy side. Woody and I were delivered to ship no 2 (after three trains, a cross channel ferry and, don’t ask, a London black cab) at high speed by a ‘Grand Taxi’ whose driver dismantled the back of his car, loaded Woody plus panniers and then…

Why to build a bamboo bicycle

Not that there were ever moments when I asked. Wading through bamboo dust to my semi-assembled bits-of-a-not-yet functional bike I never once wondered why I hadn’t gone to Halfords like a normal person. Honest. But if I had, there would have been some excellent answers. For James at the Bamboo Bicycle Club, the main reasons…

Back on the Road

I’m just revising my current favourite definitions of happiness: 1) Lying in a hot bath after a beautiful first day’s ride, listening to a positive weather forecast. 2) Eating pie, chips and peas with a pint in the corner of a warm, friendly pub later, with inner permission to spend what remains of the evening…

Live interview on BBC York

Really enjoyed this interview with BBC Radio York’s Paul Hudson on their lunchtime weather show : weather, climate change info, chatty interviews and great music, what a brilliant concept! BBC York Weather Show 26/2/15

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