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30 – 31 July 2006

Chris’s first cycling day!!! and first time he’d cycled with loaded panniers, ever. i cycled behind him leaving missoula, watching the wobble and remembering wavering round the hotel carpark in el paso. the temperature dropped 20 degrees today, which was great for chris, as he’s not a fan of heat, but left me feeling distinctly…

29 July 2006

Back in Missoula, rocky continues to mystify. rescued from bike shop, who say the mechanic, the chief mechanic and the shop owner have all worked on him – and yes the front deraileur is near impossible to set up. however they’ve put a larger bottom bracket in and that seems to have helped. this makes…

28 July 2006

We spent the night in a bunk-bed in the dorm and crawled into action at the 5am alarm, driving into the park in our little silver sunfire through unmanned gates. We didn’t really expect to see wolves. But the early start was worth it for other reasons. A buffalo, right by the road. Mule deer…

27 July 2006

Another carbon dilemma. Give up on the chance of meeting someone who we’d learn a huge amount from, or use an engine?! We went the engine route, hired a car and drove back to Yellowstone to catch up with jim halfpenny who I’d missed on the way through, skimming back over miles it had taken…

24 – 26 July 2006

i swear montana, if you’re travelling south to north, is all downhill…..restored my confidence which had been beginning to flag after days of feeling too tired too soon. if it’s not 105 degrees, or a 5000ft climb or 90mph head-wind i can still do those miles!! the 30 miles out of big sky were horrendous….

22 – 23 July 2006

through teton national park into yellowstone, which i realised when i arrived i’d confused in my head with yosemite, wondering where half-dome was going to arise on the skyline…. durr. gears playing up again and pannier rack loose on top, needing the one allan key i don’t have. stopped at a garage to borrow one….

20 July 2006 #2

woke feeling rested from day off and ready to go. barb and don, from florida, swinging gently in suspended wooden seats in front of their cabin, took photos and gave me a bag of walnuts. “we couldn’t think what else to give you”…. cycled out of dubois via food mall for tortillas and bagels and…

20 July 2006 #1

now at dubois, Wyoming. Crawled in last night at 9pm after hours of headwinds reduced me to 5mph and then just as the wind-dropped – and hence the mozzies emerged – a backwheel flat and no spare tube, 8 o’clock at night and still 20 miles to the campsite! woke this morning ravenous and headed…

15 – 19 July 2006

headwinds would be a constant theme of this section! this shouldn’t be read as complaining – but it is rather hard just to ignore them. From gould through riverside, walden (as in thoreau), rawlins and up into the ’empty quarter’ a huge section of vast wyoming plain with very few human-inhabited stops on the way….

9 -14 July 2006

wonderfully waylaid at bill and steph’s, way beyond generous hosts (and old friends from 88/89 when we were all students at fort Collins). Bill collected me from estes park “it’s still raining, flash-flood warnings, don’t argue” and regaled me with stories of when the big Thompson canyon flooded and chunks of the road (amongst other…

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