Outdoor Philosophy

Harnessing the power of adventure to inspire environmental action

29 July 2006

Back in Missoula, rocky continues to mystify. rescued from bike shop, who say the mechanic, the chief mechanic and the shop owner have all worked on him – and yes the front deraileur is near impossible to set up. however they’ve put a larger bottom bracket in and that seems to have helped. this makes no sense to me. but i left the shop with ALL GEARS WORKING so whether it was luck or logic i’m happy…..later we met up with micheal deme from adventure cycling, an organisation that helps people plan long distant cycling trips, publishing route maps and giving advice. their aim is to put adventure back into people’s lives and they have an incredible 43,000 members… a goodly number of whom i’ve encountered as my route crossed one of theirs. interestingly many cyclists are intrigued that i’m not on any ‘official’ route but have made up my own. with the help of local beers – moose drool, trout slayer, summer sunshine – we discussed cycling, climate change, the next election and hilary clinton’s chances of being president of the USA