The Carbon Cycle – Crossing the Great Divide

by Kate Rawles, 2012


A wonderfully rich and insightful narrative . . . an extraordinarily revealing series of vignettes. Kate’s work-a-day belief that the principal purpose of philosophy is “to question the assumptions of our age” keeps even her most abstract reflections grounded in an admirable way. Jonathon Porritt

Kate Rawles sets out to discover about global warming the hard way. Michael Palin


Shortlisted for the 2012 Banff Mountain Festival Adventure Travel Book Award

Runner up in the UK People’s Book Prize


rmbThe Carbon Cycle; Crossing the Great Divide was published in the UK by Two Ravens Press in 2012, and in North America by Rocky Mountain Books in 2013

Two Ravens Press changed hands in 2013 and has sadly since ceased trading. I’m currently in discussion with potential publishers for a second edition of The Carbon Cycle. Watch this space!