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Author: richardx

22 June 2016

Cycled into Albuquerque. Outskirts and roadworks for miles and then suddenly, downtown! Many usa cities don’t really seem to have a downtown but alburquerque certainly does. Swanky high rise hotels and offices, a pedestrian area, funky looking restaurants. I wanted to clean up a bit before meeting the mayor and not be miles away across…

19 June 2006

Leaving el paso, by bike, heading north!! By the time I’d gone into town to post stuff home (including heavy but crucial spanner for replacing pedals) and faffed with panniers and gear, it was almost exactly 12 noon. The ever-helpful holiday inn express receptionist took a photo – white skin, white shirt! – and I…

19 June 2006, El Paso

19th June, El Paso Just about to set off!! i suspect it will feel a bit like cycling into an oven. very un-English, and i can’t wait. El Paso is more Mexican than American, hot, signs in spanish and people speaking spanish everywhere. downtown el paso looks like a set from a western, only substitute…

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