Riding the Fred

IMG_20160507_191134697_HDRI wrote this piece for The Adventure Syndicate about riding the Fred Whitton Challenge. It’s also about losing fitness; the truly horrible fear that it’s gone forever; the gnarly challenge of clawing it back; battles with ego and what riding bikes is really all about. Or what it’s about for me, anyway.

The Adventure Syndicate is a collective of extraordinary cyclists who happen to be women and who aim to challenge what others think they are capable of. The Adventure Syndicate is committed to encourage and enable women – and everyone else – to identify their ambitions, overcome the obstacles that stand in their way, and make the most of their talent and potential….. At the lower end of their athletic spectrum I am thrilled and proud to be part of it!

You can read ‘Riding the Fred’ here:


More info about the Adventure Syndicate here:FullSizeRender






With thanks to Jacqui Sutton-Riley @Jacsflash for the Hardknott Photo